The Everyday Guide to Buying Dies

Time to do some decorative and artistic work. Just how easy and creative people have become with the coming of new technologies. Now we are eager to apply our artistic skill to anything and everything we feel like. And well, it is not just us; even the kids as young as three years old are not left behind and have got themselves an extended time pass.

You must have felt happy to see the look on your friend’s and teachers’ faces when you presented your finely decorated and eloquent project work. And how can you forget the time when you gifted a close one a beautiful gift card which you made all by yourself.

You would agree with me when I say that you crave that look every time. But the only problem now is that you do not have much time left by the end of the day to do time passes.

So, how can you reignite the inner artist in you who is hungry for that look of amazement? The fact is it is not that difficult. All you need to get is a die machine, and some die, or you might call them to die plates.

The dying machine is used as a press to give the simple piece of paper or craft paper an artistic pattern that looks soothing to the eyes. And the patterns are produced using die plates that can be changed according to your desire.

So fascinating! But as helpful as this equipment is, there are too many of them, and one gets confused between what to choose and what not to. Being die machines is a tough decision but buying the die plates is also not very easy even though they are not that costly.

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So quit brainstorming, visit HomeBnc and give your forever busy mind a sigh of relief. Now that we know that choosing the right diet can be one hell of a task due to its availability in abundance, let us see how you can choose a die for your project.


It would help if you were clear in your mind what pattern you want to bring into the paper piece. If these patterns are like a frame, then you must be using dies consisting of frame patterns.

There are many varieties in the frame pattern itself, and you need to choose the best varieties. If you are looking to get some nested pieces of craft paper with a particular pattern, you must consider buying nested dies.

Like the dies for borders, the nested dies also come in a wide variety of styles and numbers.

If you want the difference in their successive sizes to be significantly less, you will have to get a nested die.

Material Being Cut

If you plan to cut a thin piece of paper or something similar to that, you can easily do the same using a thin metal die, which is not so costly and comes in a wide variety of shapes and sizes.

But if you want to give someone a gift card, nicely decorated, you will require a thick craft paper. And you must know that thin metal dies do not cut through thick craft paper because of obvious reasons. In that case, you would need a steel rule die whose cutting edge is made from steel and not aluminum like it is in the case of thin metal dies.

Varieties You Want

If you want to cut different styles and patterns of thin paper, say, for sticking on the walls or any other project, then purchasing steel rule would be costly as you will have to purchase many of them. In this case, you should go with thin metal dies.

But if you do not want too much variety or the material you cut is thick, you must go with steel rule dies.


These are some basic things you need to think about before buying a die. For more decorating ideas and DIY projects, you must visit HomeBnc to try the best decor ideas tried and tested by experts and, most importantly, suit you and your house.…

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